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Following Your Dreams, It’s Never Too Late!

Struggling young adults often have a perspective of reality that has them in the center of a bullseye. Fired at that bullseye are all the cares of existence, which often eclipse the perspective of at-risk youth. This eclipsed perspective will lead to poor choices and bad behavior; the kind that can fundamentally damage a person so much that they are unable to pursue their dreams. But that doesn’t have to be the case. While reality seems a harsh place at times, it is a double-sided coin. The fact is, people fall through the cracks; but sometimes they still manage to achieve dreams they never thought possible. Oftentimes struggling young adults don’t have any hope, and can’t open their minds to the possibilities yet before them because of the difficulty of the present. Realizing that following your dreams isn’t just possible, it’s the right thing to do and there is no time too late to do it, can be a a great mental weapon against depression and at-risk behavior.

Never Too Late
Never Too Late

Success Stories

There are many stories of people who thought their lives were over, only to find and exceed their greatest expectations. There are countless celebrities who went through a period of at-risk behavior during youth. Mark Wahlburg was ridiculously violent, but managed to overcome the poor decisions made in his youth and transition into an international celebrity. Mel Gibson was in a drunken brawl before being cast in Mad Max. When he initially tried out for the part, he was relegated to “hoodlum” status. When his bar-brawl wounds had healed and he came back to the set, the director decided he would be the best man for the main role, and his career was launched almost by mistake. Gibson was just looking for a role as an extra. Johnny Depp had no designs on being a film star either; but one day he read for an audition and his career launched.

Life Is Unpredictable

Life can change on a dime, and most young people don’t realize that. At-risk youth are often too caught up in a conflicting present. They don’t realize that a bright future is out there, just ready for them to find their way in it. Struggling young adults need a perspective change to conquer their difficulties. Even the most difficult traumas can be overcome with the right attitude. Werner Reich, the subject of the adjacent hyperlink, said that he was happy to be in the Auschwitz Nazi death camp; because even if he were unhappy, he’d still be stuck there–so what would be the point of that? Very few struggling young adults are in so dire straights. Because their difficulties may be self-derived, though (and on some level they realize this), they find it more difficult to have a positive outlook. Youth exists without perspective. For this reason, giving young people perspective can sometimes be the best therapy. It can also be very difficult without a professional background to inform this therapy.

Individually Tailored Service

Look for a service that provides help for at-risk youth and other struggling young adults which tailors its services to meet the needs of the individual. Every young person is different. Sometimes all they need are words of affirmation; sometimes a dictionary of the most eloquent praises won’t change their sour disposition. So find a service that tailors its treatment to individual patients. Youth is the time of dreams, and those dreams shouldn’t be forgotten for some ephemeral situation that, with time and perspective, is a laughing matter for the mature mind. So encourage young people to follow their dreams. Anything is possible.

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