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We believe that giving back to the community in which you live creates a balanced and grateful lifestyle. It allows each of our clients to experience more gratitude for what they have and become less vested in the unhealthy habits that cause stress and anxiety for many of them. We have found that the clients feel needed and accepted as they serve others.

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Although St. George is a small community, ATC has found several ways to serve those around us.  We have the opportunity to connect on a regular basis with SWITCHPOINT the local homeless shelter, DOVE center for domestic violence/sexual assault victims, St. George Animal Shelter, Children’s Museum and Habitat for Humanity.

From serving dinner to the homeless, cleaning the women’s shelter, helping rescue an abused animal or sorting material to be used on a new home for someone in need, clients are allowed to find what suits their personality and what gives them the most satisfaction.

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Volunteer Sites In The Saint George Area

The DOVE Center is the only area agency providing safe-shelter, crisis intervention, and prevention for clients who have been victimized by violence in their home that also serves victims of rape and sexual assault. DOVE Center is also the only victim services agency in the area available 24-hours a day to answer questions and concerns about domestic violence and sexual assault, and address the perplexity that comes with being a victim of crime.

Switchpoint Community Resource Center is a stepping stone to independence for homeless individuals and is equipped to accommodate up to 64 individuals who are in need of temporary housing. Switchpoint also maintains a food pantry where volunteers can help with stocking supplies and assisting with distribution to those in need.

Deseret Industries is a thrift store and donation center offering training and on the job experience, career and technical education, new life for used goods, community partnerships and grants and humanitarian aid. It is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

St. George Animal Shelter is a city-owned and city-operated animal shelter that tries to find good homes for the animals that are brought into the shelter. Their employees are city employees and part of the St. George Police Department. Volunteers can assist with the care of the animals while providing them attention and exercise.

The St. George Children’s Museum encourages its guests to touch, feel, play, and explore in our ten exhibit rooms. The rooms are designed to encourage interaction between adults and children. Minds both old and young will discover a world of imagination as they play and interact with the museum exhibits.

It is the museum’s goal to offer and provide educational opportunities for all children and adults to learn and grow. Volunteers are used in a variety of ways including: greeting families at the entrance, encouraging families to play together in the exhibits and assisting in the office and helping with special events.

Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah is an ecumenical housing ministry committed to providing safe, decent, affordable housing for qualified low-income families who would otherwise not be able to buy a home. Working with volunteers, families, corporations, congregations, and donors we are working to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah’s ReStore is a home improvement thrift store with the purpose of supporting the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah. Local businesses, contractors, and individuals donate items to the ReStore for repurposing, reuse, and resale.