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Jennie Pool, CMHC

Jennie Pool has worked in the industry with adolescents and young adults for over fourteen years. She graduated from Utah State University with her B.A. in Psychology, and is currently finishing up her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Jennie has spent much of her time developing with talented therapists in wilderness therapy, where she worked extensively with young adults. She has a creative approach, and in this arena she honed her skills to work to build a strong empathetic approach and therapeutic relationship with each client.

Jennie takes a holistic approach, helping clients look at deeply rooted core beliefs that often create the dysregualtion they are experiencing in the present. Trauma recovery work, associated with addressing anxiety and depression are a focus with each of her clients.

Jennie works on building an extensive foundation of beneficial coping skills, increasing a skill set to emotionally regulate, while building frustration tolerance for difficult life experiences. Included in these skill sets, Jennie helps clients work to learn life skills that help achieve long term independence.

In her approach she discusses the importance of secure attachments, and does deep relationship work. She also explores how the brain wires for experiences, both negative and positive. Each client has the opportunity to learn how to rewire for positive based experiences to create a balanced life.

Jennie loves to be outdoors and takes advantage of being in nature as much as possible. She believes we all need places we can retreat to for healing and re-connection of ourselves. She notes, “There is such calmness and serenity that can come with sitting with one’s self and exploring our depths.”

Jennie has two boys and believes one of her greatest jobs is to be present, connected, and learn as much from them as they from her. She likes to read, spend time outdoors, loves to run and be as active as possible.