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Jillian Broeckert, CMHC

In 2005, Jillian received her BS degree from Brigham Young University in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. After a few years of experience in the industry she decided to continue her education. In 2012, Jillian completed her MS in Mental Health Counseling.

Jillian has a passion for the work that she does. She loves experiential work and believes in taking a Person-Centered approach, looking at each client as an individual. She also believes that while a degree is important it is really the relationship that makes the difference.

Jillian loves working with young adults, as this is a pivotal time in their lives. She has a knack for working with girls who exhibit borderline traits. Jillian also enjoys working with young adults who are struggling to find the balance between freedom and responsibility.

Jillian began her work as a helping professional in the wilderness, working several years in wilderness therapy. She also has experience working with addiction and dysfunctional family dynamics. Jillian believes that is it not just her client that needs to grow, treatment is an opportunity for the whole family.

Jillian grew up in the north woods of Minnesota. While she misses the lakes, she has grown to love the red rocks of southern Utah. In her free time Jillian enjoys rock climbing, pottery, crafting, yoga, reading, and pretty much anything outdoors. When she is not at work you can find her spending time with her family and playing with her dog.