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I am writing to express my appreciation to and all the people in the At the Crossroads program.

My son Ben, had been in residential treatment centers for three years. The latter offered structure while preparing him for the outside world. Nevertheless, they were not enough preparation, and in retrospect I can see why your transitional program was so important.

Ben began your program in August 2008, when he also began attending Dixie State University. At the Crossroads gave Ben another intermediate step between the other programs and going into the outside world with no restrictions. It enabled him to act out his emotional instability in a safe, protected environment–one with considerably more freedom but also one demanding more responsibility than others. And act out he did. Twice he would have quit ATC if it were completely up to him. However, I was like a broken record, repeating the same mantra. “Son, you are an adult, and you are legally entitled to do whatever you want. If you want to leave the program, you are entitled to do so. However, if you want my financial help, you need to meet my standards, which means you have to graduate this program. The choice is yours, and I will love you regardless of your choice.” So, he stuck with the program and worked through his immaturity and instability.

Ben has developed into a mature, stable, responsible, loving, affectionate, and successful young man. I love him deeply and am very proud of him. He goes to college, holds down a steady job, and is in the process of starting his own computer repair business-with ATC as his first client! He made it through the rain, and your program was an important part of that. I heartily recommend your program to all those in similar circumstances as we were. It was money very well spent. You have my eternal thanks, and I wish you great success.